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Hue+Cry is a creative studio of designers, illustrators, and animators based in Richmond, VA. From commercials to short films, they combine an artist-led approach to storytelling with a dogged commitment to quality, craft, innovation, and having a good time.

The team came to OMFGCo wanting to update their identity to better reflect the growth and culture of their evolving studio. We helped refresh their brand by creating a modular, fluid brand system that balances simplicity and utility with almost endless opportunities to be brought to life. An identity that allows them to have personality and presence when they want, and to step back and let the work take center stage when they need it to.
We designed a playful, dynamic icon meant to represent the humor and humans behind the work. Built on a simple modular layout, it not only allows the studio to use variations on the primary motif without losing identifiabilty, but also becomes a container for other elements for more specific use cases. In addition, the simplicity of the overall design approach allows it to be easily stylistically treated, rendered or illustrated for internal or external animations or end credits that fit the aesthetic of the work.

Beyond the icon we developed a "default design" language that plays off the sometimes loud, functional approachability and humor of 'local business' aesthetics. Our approach to typogpraphy was to go big, bold, all caps and limited in size variation and trickery—injecting some humor to bring to mind bumper stickers and grass roots advertising for dry cleaners and plumbers. Layouts are intentionally confident and simple, celebrating the "make it as big as possible" approach to design typically associated with the inspiration.

A highlight of the job was seeing Hue+Cry take we delivered to them and continue to evolve it and bring it to life in ways we couldn't predict. 
Strategy + Foundation • Identity Design • Creative Direction • Copywriting • Website Art Direction
Producer: Lauren Masterson
Additonal Design: Tom Ahn, Megan Snelten

Hue+Cry Team:
Jeff Bybee + Matt Darnall + Magnus Hierta + Louis Roca + Scott Friske

Motion Design: Hue+Cry