Visual identity and packaging for Neutral, the first carbon neutral food company in the United States.

Created at OMFGCO 

Neutral is a start-up leading the next global food revolution by reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture. The company's founder, Matt Plitch, came to us with the goal of building a brand that sets the precedent for a sustainable, carbon-neutral food ecosystem.
Studies suggest that agriculture contributes to nearly 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In an effort to radically disrupt agriculture’s impact on our climate, Neutral chose to launch the brand with a staple of the American diet for families and food service industries alike—milk. We developed a brand that was equally as ambitious as the business itself, threading the line between being bold, educational, aspirational, and fun—balancing the company's future forward vision, with the comfort and approachability of this commodity product.

The brand has found great success since launch, attracting significant investment and finding a place on shelves in Whole Foods and other grocery stores across the country. 
Strategy + Foundation • Identity Design • Packaging • Marketing • Art Direction
Art Director and Lead Designer: Jordan Metcalf
Additional Design and Illustration: Megan Snelten and Ed Martin
Product Photography and Art Direction: Orion Janeczeck, Ed Martin, Jordan Metcalf
Producer: Andrew Ward
Creative Direction: Jeremey Pelley
Client: Matt Plitch